The Concord Caravan Club is a relatively NEW club having started in June 2011, and has a great bunch of people having a great time at Club rallies. For an idea of what we get up to feel free to read the newsletters by clicking on the link to the left of this page.

Caravan Club members have fun, meet new people - with the same interest in caravanning - coming from varying careers, professions and backgrounds, which makes for some interesting conversations during Happy Hour.

The club is an incorporated body with a Constitution and has a Committee, formed from club members, responsible for the general running of the club, arranging finances, and organising rally destinations to “places various.” Rallies are usually held on a weekend once per month, which gives members a chance (excuse?) to use their van on a “regular” basis, and visit differing locations. One rally per year is a “Roving” Rally, where we stop at a different location each night, travelling on country roads, in an effort to keep the “convoy” off major roads, so as to not to inconvenience other road users. These are good rallies to get familiar with CB radio in a convoy situation if you have one: not essential, but there are some good hand-held UHF radios on sale at reasonable prices.

The club is affiliated with the Combined Caravan Clubs of WA. A State Rally is held every 2 years, at a country town (some that have been used: Collie, Bruce Rock, Harvey, Mingenew, and most recently in Moora in October 2014) – The National association holds National Rallies every 3 years where states rotate their time to host the rally. Some previous interstate destinations have been: Nurioopta (SA), Maitland (NSW), Horsham (VIC), Redlands (QLD), Forbes (NSW), Lucindale (SA),Elmore (VIC) and Rockhampton (Qld). The next National Rally will be held in Canberra in 2016.

The 2019 National Rally will be held in WA at a venue to be announced.

Being part of a Caravan Club gets you to use your caravan and see different parts of Western Australia, and Australia in general and at the same time enjoy the company of new friends

Join the Concord Caravan Club and HAVE FUN